The Dorian Chronicles

In the mid-Twenty Third Century, all is not well with the human experiment out on planet Earth.

Population growth has gobbled up all available resources, natural and otherwise, and thirty billion souls are about to rip the modern social fabric out at the seams. Just when the volatile situation is about to reach critical mass, exciting transmissions from science probes, sent out decades earlier, reveal vast deposits of precious metals, ores, and other valuable compounds just waiting to be plundered off-Earth.

In the ensuing race to the stars—heavily promoted by the mining industry and fully endorsed by Earth’s preeminent governing body, the Ruling Council—thousands of shiny transports filled with millions of space-hungry colonists embark for the 700 known inhabitable planets, moons, and asteroids scattered throughout the nearby sectors of the Milky Way. Leaving amidst extravagant pomp and ceremony, the Grand Colonial Age ushers in a new era of space exploration and discovery. A century and a half later, after hugely significant advances in long distance space travel technology and deep sleep cryogenic suspension, most of the population lives off-Earth and a sinister plot threatens to engulf the one world government, reducing the human race to a civilization of slaves.

When one innocent man finds himself caught up in the diabolical deception, unjustly sent to his death on a nameless mining colony far from home, he alters the course of history in a determined bid to restore his freedom and take back what’s rightfully his.

This epic tale of love, betrayal, and integrity is set against the backdrop of deep space exploration, an alien race with plans of its own for our planet and its inhabitants, and a sociopathic dictator’s twisted world view, hell bent on enslaving the population for his own ends. This character-driven, edge of your seat nail biter twists and turns through three action-packed volumes adorned with colorful figures, riveting subplots, distant star systems, remarkable alien powers, enough science to keep it real, and a generous portion of imaginative space opera compelling the hardcore science fiction fan to doggedly turn the next page long into the night.

Jen of Earth- The Dorian Chronicles, Volume One

The Duality of Enoch- The Dorian Chronicles, Volume Two

Aleya, Daughter of the Gods – The Dorian Chronicles, Volume Three


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